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MIYABIYA SUSHI AND GRILL uses traditional Yakitori grilling to bring out the unique aroma of grilling with charcoal.  Yakitori seasonings are primarily divided among two types: salty or salty-sweet. The salty type usually uses sea salt as its main seasoning. For the salty-sweet variety, tare, a special yakitori sauce is used.  You decide which sauce you like or leave it up to our specialty chef, Sam to decide for you.  He has years of experience. We offer many kinds of specialty rolls from the traditional rock-n-roll to our specialty Miyabiya Fusion.  With the many types of rolls to choose from, you’ll find one that you’ll love.  If sushi is what you like, ask what is fresh for the day and your palate will thank you.  To top it off, we offer a wide choice of premium sake.  Ask our servers for suggestions.  


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